WPPI 2009 – Viva Las Vegas

Yay for the annual trek to Las Vegas – Wedding Portrait Photographers International! This year, the pilgrimage led me to the MGM Grand. I spent three days of seminars, gear-lusting, networking and partying to my little hearts content. Talk about information and sensory overload! I exercised tremendous restraint at the Trade Show, only sticking to my shopping list.

Now that I’m back in the East Bay, I am ready and energized to put everything I learned into practice.

Here am I at the Finao Party, enjoying the view.



I was roaming the trade fair and when I bumped into top Australian child photographer Suzette Nesire. I took her Masters Class at WPPI 2007 and had learned so much from her. I chatted with her a bit about how her seminar changed my business model and she was just so adorable and fun as her photographs.


Audrey Woulard of Chicago. Her platform class was awesome. People were spilling from the rafters because of its popularity, until the fire marshall came and escorted people out. It was too bad but I was so glad to have a seat. Since her talk was so inspiring, I decided to look for her at the trade fair for another of her mini-talks.


Here’s a snap of my former boss, mentor and friend Marc Benjamin. He had an awesome series of dance photography and shared his secret tips on how he achieved them.


Nikon (go Nikon!) sponsored a free concert featuring Blues Travellers. Here is as close as I could get to John Popper with a 70-200 mm lens. =)


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