When Quirky and Cute Collide: Lucille + Dustin | San Francisco Wedding

I was excited to shoot Lucile and Dustin’s wedding last September 1. We had a great engagement session, and I just knew they would bring the same energy and quirkiness to their big day.
Lucille and Dustin are an awesome couple with a casual yin-yang dynamic. While Lucille’s a huggable little bundle of energy, Dustin has a serious and sedate vibe. Together, they just perfectly fit. I love how their eyes just light up around each other!

With 250 good friends and extended family members present, Lucille and Dustin exchanged vows at the St. Anne of the Sunset Church on Judah Street in downtown San Francisco. The ceremony went on longer than planned but everyone just rolled with the flow and had a great and goofy big time.

One of the many things I noticed was how everything fit with Lucille and Dustin’s personality: the wedding was friendly, do-it-yourself, and above all, practical! For instance, Lucille insisted on sweet little black dresses for her bridesmaids. Bridesmaid gowns are notorious for being “wear once only” frocks, so picking a style that her BFFs can wear to cocktail parties is so considerate and charming.

Lucille and Dustin’s practical nature extended to their reception: it was held in the church’s blinged-out basement! As a photographer, I secretly approved of this convenient location. As much as I love the challenges, I count my blessings every day I don’t have to lug my heavy equipment up to, say, the top floor of a castle without a working lift. (That’s never happened before, but hey, I can imagine it happening! That situation would be a nightmare.) When I don’t have to worry about logistics, I get to concentrate on capturing each exquisite moment of the wedding.
Speaking of exquisite things, let me mention how impressed I was with Lucille’s bridal gown. Despite her practical nature, she went all out with her attire and the results were jaw-dropping. Designer Edward Teng, based in the Philippines, designed Lucille’s beautiful hand-beaded gown with removable train. I know that the beadwork on these creations represent months of preparation and painstaking work, so it never leaves me in awe when I see the finished result.
The reception was great fun for everyone—the guests, family members, and most especially the couple. I’m not sure how often the reception area of the church gets used, but the wow did the wedding light up for the festivities. The children just took over the dance floor, and they had a lot of energy and funky dance moves. I love adore it when spontaneous moments like this get to happen!
Congratulations, Lucille and Dustin! Again, I’m so thankful and honored you chose me as your photographer. Have a happy life! xoxo Auey
Venue: St. Anne of the Sunset Parish, San Francisco
Hair and Make-up: Lela Nguyuen
DJ: Khader Yanni of Kyanni Productions
Floral Design: Bride and Friends
Special thanks to my associate photographer for the day, Jim Vetter and my lighting assistant TJ Tiu. You both rock!

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