Turning 35 and other random musings

Happy Birthday to Me…Happy Birthday to me. Today, I turn 35 years old. The big three-five. Officially, I’m middle-aged now. A chart at my doctor’s office says so. Apparently, medically speaking 18-34 is considered young adult, 35-61 is middle age and 62+ is senior. So…the middle ages begin. Hahaha! However, according to Life Expectancy Calculator, I would live to 91 so that means middle age for me would be 45. So I got 10 more years of being a young adult!

I’ve gotten some request to see recent photos of Milo. I can’t believe he’s turning 7 months old tomorrow! Just yesterday he was an itty-bitty baby and now he’s a crawler! Here’s a random normal Sunday at the house photo.

And yes, the end of summer is approaching. Already some mornings have a nip in the air. I love summertime. How fast time flies.

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