To be seen.

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility. In my own personal journey, I’ve now painfully aware of the importance to make others feel seen.

Why is it important to be seen?

Simple, it’s a basic human need. And its basis is evolutionary. Back in primitive times, when the tribe didn’t see you, there’s a risk you’d be left behind. And being alone meant being left to fend for yourself. Being seen becomes a matter of survival.

Let us celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility today in ways that are meaningful. Let’s draw attention to those who need to be seen: the ignored, the marginalized, the overlooked, the denied.

How does one do this in practical terms? You can start by learning and remembering the names and pronouns of the transgender in your life. Make eye contact with people when you’re out and about. This is so important now, especially in the age of COVID where you wear a mask. People can see if you’re smiling by the expression of your eyes. And lastly, support under-supported groups of those who don’t feel seen: LBGTQI+ groups, POCs and Black Lives Matter.

No one should feel invisible.

Featured in the photo is my friend and muse, the beautiful inside and out, Nomi. She’s a true inspiration to me.

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