The Story of Two Brides: Rosslyn and Laura | Half Moon Bay wedding

When Rosslyn and Laura met me to discuss their wedding plans, I was initially struck with Rosslyn’s name because I’m a Northern Exposure fan. (Am I showing my age?) I loved that little 90s dramedy to death! It was about a quirky little Alaskan town called Cicely, which got its name from its two lesbian founders—Cicely and her beloved partner, Roslyn.

Now you know why I’m bringing up an old TV show!

Anyway, the real Rosslyn wasn’t dressed in a stuffy pioneer outfit for her wedding. She and Laura declared they weren’t the bridal types, but I didn’t let that fool me. They both made stunning brides! But I knew what they meant, they definitely were not your typical girly-girl brides. Their wedding was full of meaningful details and touches that made it truly unique.

Homemade pies, baked earlier that day by the bride’s friends.
Guests were asked to write in these wedding day journals, each asking a poignant question about love and marriage.
So many friends turned out to witness Rosslyn and Laura’s beautiful beachside wedding at Half Moon Bay. With their sisters at their side, the happy couple exchanged lovely vows at La Costanera Restaurant at the Montara State Beach.
A moment with the uber talented floral designer Melanie Tom. Rosslyn and Laura designed each other’s bouquet. 
Chefs at La Costanera heating things up in the kitchen.
At one point, Rosslyn and Laura went to the shore to have a prayerful moment by themselves. But this spontaneously turned into an awesome group shot when the whole wedding party decided to walk to the shore, too. Everyone just wanted to show their love and support for the couple!

Rosslyn and Laura’s wedding was held a few weeks before the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was overturned, so that made the ceremony especially touching. For those who don’t know about it, the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA legally paves the way for same sex marriages.

I love that Rosslyn and Laura didn’t care about legalities or wait for the outcome of the case. They love each other so much they just wanted to announce it to the world, and their “screw the rules” attitude is heartwarming. Rules can be changed all the time but love is forever. And forever should start whenever you want it to.

One highlight of the evening was a the mariachi band performance, which was a surprise for Rosslyn’s sister who celebrated her birthday a few days earlier. 

I had packed up my gear after a long day of shooting. I looked back at the beach one last time and saw a few of Rosslyn and Laura’s guests trekking down to the beach. I grabbed this one last snapshot of myself (ok, shadow of me) as they waved good-bye and walked away. Perfect day, perfect ending.
Ceremony / Reception Site: La Costanera
Floral Design: Melanie Tom
Photo Booth: Photo-matica

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  1. Shuva Rahim July 11, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple! Great job, Auey!!


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