The Scream | Baby Ronav @ 2 weeks

AHHHH Enough pictures! Ronav seems to yelling at me, as I point my camera at his pudgy little face for the ninth time during his newborn baby session. Actually, I had caught him mid-yawn, seconds before he fell into one of his mini-naps. Lucky for me though – as I was able to shoot him in all stages of wakefulness. Most baby photographers know that half of the work is waiting on the set for babies to wake-up or nurse. And then, you have about 15-20 minutes of happy-smiley-baby-time to shoot. But I don’t mind that part at all…newborn photos are priceless.  Case in point, when I returned to their house a month later to do the proofing session, Ronav had already hunked out and no longer looked this brand spanking new. I’m so grateful mommy Rathna asked me to do the shoot at the right time.

“Who’s your daddy?” 

The quintessential baby-in-a-pod Anne Geddes wannabee shot. Yes, I heart Anne Geedes and while I don’t want to be her, I do get some client requests for these types of shots. And sometimes, just sometimes….I manage to get it right. Sometimes when you do a session, you get something pleasantly unexpected. Visiting grandparents from India were in the room and my client asked me to take a quick snapshot of them together because they have no professional photos of them. I asked them to stand against the white wall and they were so conscious of the camera and started cracking up the moment I started snapping. I just rolled with it and this is one of my favorite images from the session.

Look at those eyes!? Can you say INTENSE? A couple of future heartbreakers, I tell you.

Rathna is so beautiful here, with the sleep deprivation glow of new motherhood. 

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  1. Vara Ramakrishnan July 25, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    Amazing pictures. Bravo! Bravo!!


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