The fans demand it.

Fans? What fans? Okey…a few friends have asked me to post the image that won in the Lovelife photo competition held at the California Academy of Science last Feburary. It’s already on my little known flickr page AND my facebook page  but I decided to cross-post it here as well to satisfy any further curiosity. The rest of the winning images can also be found here:

Sidenote: It’s funny if you have a business page on Facebook, you have fans. I have a lame-o 66 to be exact. But hey! I do have 996 friends. It’s ok, I am as confused as you are.

Enough already…moving on, people! Back into my hole. xxx Auey

This image won the People’s Choice award in the Family Life category. This image of my hubby Andreas and my then 2 y/o Milo was snapped during one of many Sunday outings to the Academy. This is typical clowning around by my hubby, but I think what made the photo is Milo’s smirk. He rarely does that anymore, so I love that I captured it. He’s now a scowling 3 year old!

This photo was taken from the engagement session of my September couple, Mondy & Sheryl. The rest of the session can be found here in an older blogpost. But as a bonus, I’m including the album layout of the engagement book for you to check out. Just click on the flash gallery below.

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