St. Joseph's Cathedral + Hotel Valencia | San Jose CA

Yo hablo un poco espanol, pero hablo ingles muy bien.

I knew I should have paid more attention in college.  While I didn’t understand much of the conversation (what, no subtitles?), this beautiful wedding transported me into the world of Telemundo.  The couple Araceli and Jaime wanted to celebrate and honor their culture in a big-way and the result was fiesta-like wedding.  It came complete with the mariachi musicians, the traditional cord/veil/coin wedding ceremonies and the huge extended family, many of whom flew special for the occasion.  I was the second shooter for this wedding, along side Claudia Akers. Of course, it helped Claudia that she speaks Spanish like a native. But despite that, I struck up several interesting pidgin conversations with some of the older relatives and felt like part of the family by the end of the day.

Besos y abrazos for everyone!

When I work with Claudia, it’s common to get assigned to do the groom and groomsmen shots. Jaime had two best “men,” one of whom was a woman. I loved the gender equality of this wedding!

Perhaps one of the prettiest cathedral ceilings around…

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