So, how are the kids?

The kids are great, why thank you very much. Axel is a rolly-polly 8 years old:  thoughtful, artistic and intuitive. Three-year-old Milo is now a bonafide little boy. He’s intense, logical and decisive.

I took these quick black and white photos today since I had my studio all set up for some headshots early this morning. I lucked out that they were both were both wearing black and camera-ready.

However, they absolutely refused to take a photo together. I’ll have to work on that photograph next. *sigh*

Have a great weekend,
Auey 🙂




Likes: Spongebob Squarepants, ranch dressing, his toy microscope and space stories involving superheroes and samurais.

Dislikes: Kissing that gives cooties, girly stuff and homework.



Likes: Nintendo DS, dinosaurs, and legos

Dislikes: being told to go to bed, being told it’s time to eat, being told to go potty.




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