Sexy Star Wars Geek | The Boudoir Experience

I know some of you might be expecting a sexy photograph of a woman in the classic Princess Leia golden bikini, so I’m sorry to disappoint! As you all well know, I am a huge fan of the authentic and meaningful. So for every photo shoot experience, I always encourage my clients to bring props or an outfit that nearest and dearest to their heart.

To my amusement and amazement, my client proudly showed me two old worn t-shirts: a band t-shirt that belongs to her fiance and an old Star wars shirt. YEESSS! Geek girls unite! We did quite a number of outfit changes for this photo shoot (including a black teddy and a racy bikini-thong number), but for me, I think my beautiful client was represented best in her  undies and a comfy tee.

When someone is comfortable and at ease with themselves, then that uber-sexy. Don’t you agree?

Here are some of my favorite images. I’d love to hear your comments. Which do you like better? The lingerie shots or the T-shirt shots?

This under-the-blanket image pays homage to my favorite scene in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo+ Juliet.



A few beauty shots thrown in for good measure. Hair and make-up by the insanely talented Vanity Pham

And to the end the post…a little butt wiggle.

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  1. Oren March 28, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    Star Wars+ boudoir=epic win. Beautiful work for a beautiful woman Auey.


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