Sandy Puc' Family Tour 2010

I have been a faithful puppy dog to Sandy’s photography workshop series, having attended both the Babies & Bellies in 08 and Tots to Teens tours in 09. This year, the master photographer embarks on her national tour again, enticing us into the wonderful world of families portraiture. I was so there.

Now, I have been photographing families for nearly a decade now and I hate to admit it – I always face the family session with a mixed sense of dread and excitement. But at the same time, I’m absolutely addicted to the experience of family session. It might be the high of not knowing what to expect, if the children will cooperate, if the lighting will be just right and the dynamics of it all just come together perfectly for the duration of a single shutter snap.

I don’t want to spoil the experience for those who are planning on attending Sandy’s workshop, but be prepared with a box of tissue. Some things a first timer would like to know about Sandy is that she’s a) wicked talented b)absolutely beautiful – inside and out c) and that she’s heavily into charity. This year, she shared with us her experience photographing for the Susan B Komen Breast Cancer foundation. She made me cry before with her work from NILMDTS foundation. So I thought I was an old pro at this. No – Sandy, you will not make me cry!!  I was definitely not prepared for the impact of the images she shared with us, plus the stories behind the camera to match.

If you are planning to go to the workshop, don’t think about it and just go. What you take away from her workshops go beyond camera technique, posing ideas and lighting set-ups, Sandy reminds us once again of the power of a single image to change lives and heal hearts. And as trite and corny as it sounds, it’s nice to be reminded how we photographers have the task and honor of documenting the lives of each family we encounter in our work.

Thanks for the reminder, Sandy. Looking forward again to next year’s workshop!

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