San Francisco Ripplemakers.TV Photo Exhibit And Film Festival Opening on July 8

I am extremely proud to be part of this project! Please come out and support our TV Photo exhibit on July 8! I have a small part, but am honored to have photographed some of the extrordinary Ripplemakers featured in the films.

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Below the official Press Release:

San Francisco Ripplemakers.TV Photo Exhibit And Film Festival Opening on July 8

Inspiring Documentary Shorts from Volunteer Filmmakers All Over The Globe

San Francisco, CA – June 27, 2011 – Ripplemakers.TV, home to “Ripple,” a web-based TV show consisting of inspiring documentary shorts from all over the world, invites the public to the opening of its first Ripplemakers.TV photo exhibit and film festival on July 8, 2011, 6pm at the Finn Center, 230 San Antonio Circle, Mountain View, CA.

Co-sponsored by Community School for Music and Arts, Bay Photo Lab, Photo Graffiti and Layaco Media, the festival features the works of volunteer professional photographer Auey Santos and filmmakers from all over the world including Vancouver, San Francisco and Manila. Santos will be exhibiting inspiring images of some of the ripplemakers featured on the “Ripple” documentary shorts. Volunteer filmmakers Angelina Cantada, Ted Frank, Michelle Ortega, Jason LaBatt, Lawrence Ang, Jan Lagare, Andrew Bender and Carol Gancia, will be sharing their own 4 to 9-minute web-based documentary shorts about people who make a difference in their own communities. The films that will be exhibited include:

1. “Josh” by Angelina Cantada – A Vancouver-based paraplegic law student who is also a paralympian.

2. “Freakin’ Heroes: Jason” by Ted Frank – A SF-based entrepreneur who was obsessed with street lights as a kid.

3. “The DanceWright Project” by Michelle Ortega & Jason LaBatt – A middle-aged SF-based African-American amateur dance student who formed his own dance company.

4. “Dreaming Big” by Carol Gancia & Andrew Bender – A theater director and first time filmmaker Christina Yao from Palo Alto who directed “Empire Of Silver,” an epic film about a father and son relationship starring Hongkong superstar Aaron Kwok, Zhang Tielin, Hao Lei, Jennifer Tilly.

5. “A Penny A Page” by Carol Gancia & Andrew Bender – An American language teacher who moved to Silicon Valley to blog non-stop after living in Japan for 20 years.

6. “Helping Hands” by Lawrence Ang & Jan Lagare – A veterinarian-artist who volunteers for an animal shelter group in Manila, Philippines called PAWS.

7. “Standing Tall” by Carol Gancia – A 26-year old Californian Muslim woman who has committed to wearing the hijab since she was 13.

8. “Brass Lips” by Carol Gancia – A horn player who decided to pursue his love for music and create work opportunities for himself and other people by starting a Horn Quartet.

9. “Heart’s Journey” by Carol Gancia – A successful international financial journalist who decided to pursue religious studies to become a minister and a chaplain at age 40.


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