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I met Romeo and Rochelle last year at a bridal faire at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. They had visited the booth a total of three times before I had the chance to talk to them. It was a busy day and it was only me and my husband manning the booth. As I was talking to other brides, I’d see them from the corner of my eye thumbing through the albums. I knew that they were drawn to my photography, as much as I was drawn to them. When I finally did get to talk to them — something about their spirit, the way they related to each other and how they eagerly discussed their wedding plans (they are getting hitched at the Fox Theatre — how cool is that?) — that made me want to photograph their wedding even more. Months had passed and I hadn’t heard from them. It made a little sad as I really felt there was a connection. And it’s always a beautiful feeling to find a connection in kindred spirits. I sighed a little and went on my way.

Then, fast forward to this year…I get an email from Rochelle saying they hadn’t forgotten about me and that they wanted to meet. I had a hard time containing my enthusiasm. I knew they were my kind of peeps!

Romeo and Rochelle chose Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga as the backdrop for their beloved engagement session. It was here over a year ago that Romeo popped the big question in a full-production surprise proposal, witnessed by their closest friends and family. In any thing that R&R do, family is a big component. And I expect the same from the wedding, which I understand will be a celebration of love and family.

I’ve only known them for a short time but I already feel like I’m part of their family, in a way. Thank you RoRo for adopting me! And allowing me into your lives and photographing your wedding this August. I CAN”T WAIT.





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  1. Linda Macahilas February 15, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    What a sweet story and adorable pictures! Have a great time at their wedding!!


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