Redwood Ridge Estate, Los Gatos CA

I’ve been noticing a trend in weddings these days. Brides seem to be a little more eco-conscious, favoring simple rustic and ruralscape weddings over grandiose extravagant ones. Living in the Bay Area makes it easy! There are so many pretty wedding venues that showcase nature perfectly, any time of year. It’s only natural that brides can be a little more earthy, and incorporate lots of organic elements and DIY attitude.

Case in point is this recent wedding I shot with my wonderfully talented friend and photographer Kinsley Wong at the Redwood Ridge Estate in Los Gatos. The couple adorned the barn with orange and yellow lanterns. Double purpose – pretty and useful. The souvenirs were individually-wrapped (and obviously homemade with love) popcorn. And the simple but thoughtfully placed gerberas perfectly enhanced the giant Redwood trees as a backdrop to this couple’s happy day. Loved, loved, loved this wedding!

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