Photo Booth Pic of Dad + Us, 1980

I knew my dad for 7.5 years, but he lives on in my heart.

Things I remember about him.

1. He loved his kids and wanted more.

2. He loved to laugh. And did so, loudly.

3. He would spontaneously grab my mom in the kitchen, dip her and plant a kiss on her. We’d watch and go…ewww.

4. He played the organ to unwind. He knew three chords and played all songs in those chords. He couldn’t read music and learned everything by ear.

5. He loved pork chop and made it himself on sunny weekends by our pool. He’d wear a denim apron my mom made that said, “Kiss the Cook.”

6. Every Sunday, we’d drive to the “Little General” convenience store where he’d let us pick out three small items to purchase.

7. En route to the same store, there’d be a hill we’d have to drive, he’d accelerate and we’d do our family roller coaster scream every single. friggin. time. It was a hoot.

8. Every night he’d tuck me in. I’d complain that I couldn’t sleep. So he’d kiss my eyes shut to help me. He did that the night before he died in February 10, 1981.

I miss him so.


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