Now Booking Summer Mini-Sessions!

During the summer a familiar ritual occurs: I make elaborate plans go to the beach, maybe clean-up the house for a garage sale or two… and I always end up doing something unexpected, like planting new flowers in my front lawn or reading the latest bestseller on my e-reader.

Summer always seems to be the time when things go awry in the most serendipitous ways. It’s difficult to stick to a regimented plan when the weather is warm and the body is just crying out to out outside and play. 

That’s why I decided to schedule some summer family mini-sessions. These shoots are quick, painless, and always a lot of fun. I love to capture the summer light as it falls where it may.

So far, I’m scheduling two meet-ups for the family mini-sessions: June 22 for Oakland/East Bay and June 29 for San Francisco.

Package A – $250 for a 30-minute shoot, inclusive of five high resolution images.

Package B – $500 for a one-hour shoot, inclusive of all high resolution images. Recommended for families!

For more details or questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call or email me at

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