New Product Alert: Storyboard Collages

Okey, so the product is not so new but it definitely is HOT. Since clients have been requesting for these beauties – I’m going to offer them now on my regular product roster. Sometimes when one image is not enough – you can opt for these storyboard collages.

There’s the Triptych. Chose your favorite three images for a 12X20 print for $150. Upgrade option to gallery canvas is $190.

The Niner. 9 square images on a 16X16 Art print for $200. Gallery canvass for $240.

Sweet Sixteen for $300. 16 images on a 20X20 Art Print.  Gallery Canvas option is $340.

Or you customize your own collage. Chose from classic black and white, color or sepia images set against plain or funky backgrounds, with rounded or straight edges. Ain’t life grand?

*Prices available upon request.

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  1. KEL September 22, 2008 at 3:14 am

    babies and kids are just soooo adorable. no wonder you love taking their pictures. love your work as always.


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