NACE Bubbles & Trends | Bubble Lounge San Francisco

Weddings, weddings, weddings! I photographed my first wedding of the year last Sunday and had a blast. It’s strange that after shooting weddings for almost a decade, you can never tire of the concept. Each wedding is somehow mundanely the same, but  amazingly different. One never grows bored in the wedding industry!

I had the pleasure of being the photography sponsor for NACE’s February event in San Francisco entitled “Bubbles & Trends.” It was a fun night of chocolate, oysters and champagne. Talk about post-Valentines’ bliss. While we enjoyed these goodies, everyone in attendance listened to the fearless forecast of wedding designer Joyce Scardina Becker  of Events of Distinction about upcoming wedding trends.  The presentation was a load of information but the main idea I took away from it was that more couples (especially in San Francisco) are citizens of the world.  More and more, couples are infusing ethnic touches and cultural inspiration into their weddings. Whether the culture they adopt are from their travels, their ethnicity or personal aspirations – one thing is certain — weddings are going global! Vintage weddings? Out, says Ms. Becker.

Here are some photo highlights of the event.

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