My New Tamrac Bag

Hopefully…the endorsement offers will start pouring in!

I was so happy to receive my new Tamrac Big Wheels Rolling Strongbox 692 from the UPS guy today. I had been needing a new camera bag to fit all my gear since my needs had outgrown my Lowepro Commercial All Weather Bag, which is now being sold on The Lowepro had served me well for the past year but I’m watching out for my back now and decided that something would rollers would be best for my situation. Plus, my Nikon 70-200 mm lens was always an outsider in my Lowepro since it could never fit in properly and I always opted to piggyback it. But now with the new Tamrac Strong Wheels, everything fits in properly. I love having proper storage for everything. Plus it has loads of extra pockets for my other gadgets and gizmos.

It’s always tough finding the perfect camera bag for every photo coverage situation. I have a Crumpler for my small point and shoot and vacation hikes. The Tamrac Velocity 9 is used for the SLR toting but light one lens coverage. There’s a great Hong Kong 4point backpack for my 1 SLR-3 Lenses-Laptop combination. And now, I have the Tamrac Strong Wheels for portraits and weddings, when I need everything in my arsenal.

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