Musings from The Beloved Collective Festival 2012 Part I.

Yes, I drank the water.

After failing to writing about my experience in Life as Artform Las Vegas AND the Beloved Collective  Conference 2011  – I vowed to finally set myself in front of a keyboard and allot myself 20 minutes to write about my most recent experience at the Beloved Collective Festival 2012. Never mind that I’m sitting here in my pajamas, with a stackful of dirty dishes to wash, 6 portrait sessions to edit, a wedding slideshow to polish, AND a powerpoint presentation to  make. Never mind THAT. 20 minutes, starting now.

I am stumped, dumbfounded even. Where do I begin in describing one of the most rewarding experiences of my life? The Beloved Collective Festival 2012  attracted photographers and artists from all the world. Never had I met such a happier group of people who flew, drove and canoed to the beautiful Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, with the intention to explore, inspire and educate. It was a three-day festival of connecting with photographers and well, just be.

I always use the Matrix blue pill analogy. You got to TAKE the blue pill, to really understand what it’s all about. Drink the water. Jump in.

In my feeble attempt to describe it, I am providing memorable quotes from talks given by the crazy awesome speakers at the Beloved Festival.

1. “Just Bob-Goff the Shit Out of Your Life.” – Kristen Kalp

If you have never heard of Bob Goff before, you are not alone. But now that I’ve told you his name — run out and get his best-selling book “Love Does.”  Bob Goff  lives life large, loud and full of love. Again, my words will not adequately explain how good a speaker he is. If you don’t believe me,  find him on Youtube. Often described as the REAL “Most Interesting Man in the World” (apologies to Dos Equis), Bob Goff has lead a life definitely worth examining and emulating.

And while you’re on the internet, check out Kristen Kalp’s blog Brand Camp. Amazing practical information for EVERY photographer.  This woman is a firecracker of wit, knowledge and sass. I had breakfast with her one morning, not knowing who she is and was instantly fell in love with her refreshing snarky honesty.  Her keynote talk was full of really quick easy tips on how to mega-charge marketing efforts. It was such. a. good. talk. Like, really.

As a punctuation to the speech, about 40 conference attendees jumped in a pool FULLY clothed as a show of appreciation. I wish I had a photo of that epic jump – but I was too busy seizing the moment! “Together, we launch each other.” said Bob Goff. And in that moment, we truly did.

2.  “The Only Thing I’m Being Good at is Being Jonas Peterson. If I’m good at that, no one can copy me.” – Jonas Peterson

Be yourself. Who else can you be?

I hadn’t heard of Jonas Peterson before the festival.  However, I discovered that three photographers (Curtis, Ryan and Nelwin) I met came to the conference specifically to hear him speak.  So I knew he was something special. Jonas claim to fame is his blog,  which has thousands of followers around the world. Check out his photography as it’s truly something special. His imagery is a quiet voice of observation. So understated yet speaks volumes to the heart.


OK, so time is up. My 20 minutes have lapsed. Actually, I lie. I took 40 minutes to write that blogpost and I still have tons more to share. Coming soon, Part II and conference PHOTOS! I should get out of my pajamas now. Or maybe not.




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  1. Kristin Kozelsky September 15, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    YES! An amazing three days and such a pleasure to share it with the lovely and wonderful you! <3


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