Modern Bridal Faire @ The Palace Hotel

Please come!! Puh-leez!

Once again, I’m inviting all engaged couples to check out the Modern Bridal Faire at the Palace Hotel this Sunday. I’ll be a bridal vendor there and you can check our my ultra-cool booth, which I have been designing and re-designing forever! In the end, you’ll be seeing half of my living room, which is kinda cool too. I’m also unveiling some cool new offerings for weddings.

And I have a secret to share. Come in closer — I have a little giveaway for those blog readers and brides-to-be who can drop by. Come over and tell me the super-secret codeword PURPLE (my favorite color). The first five to tell me this super secret codeword gets a special gift from me! If you’re not a bride, I’ll give you a piece of candy. Sorry, this gift is bride-specific. Ok, ok…grooms can participate too.

So come on over and let’s have fun hanging out. It’ll be blast!

You can buy your ticket HERE. The $12 price of admission includes a bridal fashion show at 1:30pm. Use the code BRIDAL when purchasing online for a Buy one-Take one discount.

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