Mission San Francisco Beloved Session | Gail and Lawlun

Blame it on seredipity. And Clare Danes.

SF born and raised music lovers Gail and Lawlun didn’t really fall in love at first sight. As they recalled their early relationship to me, I couldn’t help but think of my favorite chick flick, “When Harry Met Sally.” Not that they were as impassionately hateful as the movie characters, but one thing really earned the ire of Gail. Blame Claire Danes.  If you recall, sometime in the late 90s, Danes made this out-of-context comment in some glossy magazine about Filipinos and her visit to the Philippines. I’ll leave the rest of the story open for your imagination but yes, not the greatest beginning for a fairy tale romance.

But what I love about Gail and Lawlun (aside from the fact they are fellow Band of Horses fans – yay) – was their easy-going friendship and comfortable manner around each other. They just seem to FIT. Friendship is always a great foundation for marriage.  That and a common love for live music!  Woo hoo.

Here are my favorite images from our Beloved engagement session. Can’t wait to hang out again.



My cosmic couple moment: they chose THIS mural to pose in front of! The Capitalism is Over is my absolute favorite one, in that Valenica Street alleyway. I hope they NEVER paint over it.

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