Mini-Sessions at Seven Hills Park

“Babies are a nice way to start people.” I can’t remember who said this first, but I love this quote. I love everything new: new gear, a new place to visit, a new car smell. And babies…well, babies are the ultimate in newness. New people! Here’s a sneak peek into the first of many mini-sessions at the park I’ll be doing in the coming weeks with various Moms groups in the East Bay. It was so much fun. Both babies and moms (one dad too!) were all great and cooperative models and it was a great way to start off my autumn shooting season.

8 month old Tanav was the first model of the day. The moment I saw him in his stroller, he was already smiling at me.

10 month old Emma is such a doll!

I call 11 month old Hannah the “peekaboo baby.” The game just set her off in fit of giggles!

Zoe was such a little lady.

Lucas is a real go-getter. Once you put him on the ground, he’ll go go go!

And almost 1 year old Chloe had the most beautiful eyes.

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  1. smiles4angels September 15, 2008 at 11:39 am

    thank you for the post. wow. how i wish i could go around and take photos of babies. 🙂 love the perspective on Emma.


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