Milo is Three!

Happy Birthday to my little boy! And boy is he a little boy now.
Milo’s top five consist of:

1. Dancing to the Final Countdown by Europe, a song he discovered while hunting for dinosaurs on Youtube.

2. Dinosaurs, of course.

3. Building dinosaurs from Megablox

4. Books about dinosaurs

5. His dinosaur pajamas

Ok, you get the picture. It simply boggles my brain how this little lump of baby turned into this active smart boy. On Sunday, we had a little get-together for him at the house. Highlights were a dinosaur cake specially made by Tita Reitch, a dinosaur book from Oma in Germany and a visit from “Paleontologist Rachel” aka Rachel the Entertainer. We had some balloon twisting, face painting and magic. Itwas great fun at home! Happy Birthday Milo-saurus!

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