How lovely to meet you! @ the Modern Luxury Bridal Faire, Ritz Carlton San Francisco]

I’m three days off my bridal faire high, and now ready to hunker down and get to business! The Modern Luxury Weddings held recently at the Ritz Carlton San Francisco was a wonderful success, thanks to the organizers, wedding vendors and lovely engaged couples who came out to the city last Sunday, January 6, 2013.

While my toes hurt from wearing my only pair of Manolos, my heart is full and happy to have connected with happy brides and grooms. My favorite part? Hearing their stories about they got engaged and about their vision for the wedding day. Planning is so much fun! But I still try to offer my little pearls of wisdom about wedding planning. Ready? Chose three words to guide you for your wedding and make sure all decisions align with these three words. For example : sustainable, fun and family. Or maybe modern, simple and whimsical. Also, don’t overthink it! Wedding planning should be fun!

January 6 was also very special to me because my hubby and I celebrated our 12th anniversary, working the faire together. What better way to bond and wax sentimental about your wedding then spend it at a bridal faire? Thanks schatze for the support and love (and yes, putting up with my quirks for the past 12 years). Here’s a photo of my handsome dude, enjoying the quiet before the storm (five minutes until doors open!)

I didn’t have a ton of time to walk around the bridal faire but I did manage a few quick snaps. Here I am!

Lots of couples asked me about this print of former bride and groom Alana and Shain on a bicycle. It was one of my favorites of 2012!

Meet my friends Frederick and Jaime of Sullivan-Botello. They are just awesome wedding designers and planners. That blood red lamp was simply stunning.

We did a raffle and gave away a copy of “How to Get Married” at every top of the hour.

We were constantly tortured by the smell of yummy food was wafting from nextdoor booth mates Shannie Cakes.  Their free sampling was a huge hit!

Brides and grooms got a chance to check out the pedicabs taxi service of Cabrio Taxi.

Here I am with with Eric Yee of Spintronix, who dropped by my booth. I’ve been so fortunate to work with him on numerous times and his DJ-light-design company is among the most respected in the San Francisco Bay Area.



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