Hello Oakland! | Family Session @ Joaquin Miller Park

I haven’t made the official announcement but we (meaning me, my family and the business) are now officially based in Oakland.  YAY.  We will miss everybody back in Fremont/Union City but it’s time we moved on. Besides, we are only 20 miles away.

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions buying our dream house on a hill (ok, hillside – we still got a breathtaking view of the Bay) for the past two months but all our hard work has finally handed us our sweet reward. Our VERY OWN house.  I can put up frames wherever I want to now. I can paint the walls. And best of all, I will have my very own shooting space to serve my friends, family and clients better!  The Photograffiti studios, now under renovation – to be unveiled soon!

The studio won’t build itself and it will take some time, tears and sweat for that to actually happen.  So in the interim, I continue to utilitize the natural backdrops the gorgeous Bay Area has to offer.  And lucky me – we discovered this beautiful venue for this Oakland-native family’s session,  Joaquin Miller Park. I couldn’t have asked for a better day to photograph. I had all the elements to make it work – warm weather, a beautiful family and nature around me.  It had waterfalls, trees, a fountain and these beautiful stone steps. It was quite a work-out running after Ben and Rachel but I think the session yielded some awesome photos.

1 Comment Hello Oakland! | Family Session @ Joaquin Miller Park

  1. kel July 20, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    As usual, great photos! Love the park and candidness of your shots. Good luck on your studio, I’m sure you’ll finish it in no time.


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