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There’s only one thing I needed to know about Lucille and Dustin and I was totally endeared to them. Their favorite date movie is “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. BOOM. That’s all I needed to know. Anyone who thinks a movie about an angry transexual punk from East Berlin is romantic (I do!) is all right in my books.

I’m totally addicted the process of getting to know my couples and the engagement session provides the perfect opportunity to do so. I met Lucille and Dustin at the Mountain View Cemetary, where we decided to have our engagement session on a cloudy God-given soft-box of a day.

With each shutter click, I was able to unravel the story of how they met (online), their first date (yogurt), their common interests (dogs) and everything imbetween. We laughed a lot. And I can’t wait to shoot their wedding on September 1.

Here are some of my favorites images from our session.


Vicks. Don’t ask.

Honeybun. Get it? Honey. Bun. Honeybun.

Here they are dressed in their “first date” digs. Love it!

Total edit failure. I couldn’t decide which image is the most fun, so I made a collage.



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