From Babies to Boobies. What's going on? a.k.a. The Boudoir Experience FAQ


I know what you may be thinking. What’s up, Auey? Your blog is sooo family friendly and now you’re photographing boudoir sessions? From rated G – you’re heading into R territory. What’s up with that?

Well, hear me out.

About three years ago, I was feeling low. Skewed body image after giving birth to Baby #2. I was feeling a little run-down after long days of taking care of my eldest son and  long nights of breastfeeding the youngest.  I was feeling a little lost. Just this general feeling of blah. I can’t say I was unhappy or even depressed. It definitely wasn’t a midlife crisis but I felt my roles as mom, daughter, wife had all overtaken ME. I needed to feel like me again.

Those friends and colleagues closest to me KNOW that I am *not* a girly girl, at all. I am comfortable wearing Converse, jeans and an old teeshirt from the 90s. But I wanted to try something new and maybe step into high heels for a day. I needed to do something for myself.  So — I got the idea from another photographer friend of mine, who had her boudoir photos done her a mutual friend of ours. The images were a present for her wedding anniversary. I was totally inspired by the idea – the hubby loved the photos and she looked gorgeous. I always knew she was a beautiful person but seeing her all glammed up, looking confident and sexy just blew me away. I wanted THAT!

So. I totally borrowed the idea. And in all the shameless selfishness, I reasoned it was a gift for me BUT it was a gift for my hubby too. Boomerang gifting in all it’s glory.

And it was the best experience  I ever got myself. I was stunned by the images – i never thought I could look that way. Or FEEL that way. I felt beautiful. Me, beautiful. Really priceless. And with permission from the photographer, the insanely talented Jennifer Skog, I’m attaching below a photo from that session.  I may have paid her the big bucks to photograph me, but it was totally worth it. Nowadays, I keep the images handy and show the images to all women who are interested in boudoir photography. I’m not shy about them and I’m not shy to talk about it. The images left me feeling empowered, confident and renewed. There’s now a spring in my Converse step.

Fast forward three years, I have been inspired enough by own shoot to start offering boudoir photography myself. Over the years, I’ve taken advantage of being female and have a sprinkling of boudoir shoots here and there, but I never offered it as a service. I figure this time is a wonderful opportunity for my friends and clients to experience the same empowerment that I had. And believe, it’s a lot of FUN.

So this brings us all to the FAQ section of this post.

1. What is Boudoir Photography anyway?
So, the original meaning of the french term boudoir is “the pouting room.” It refers to a small room where ladies are allowed to retreat and sulk. The boudoir has come a long way since then, now referring to any quarters where women can be by themselves in privacy. All the sense of the word is evoked in the type of portraiture – it’s destinctly feminine, with a sense of intimacy and privacy. The boudoir is a place where few men are invited in and the portraits that emerge from boudoir photography are for select eyes only.

2. What kind of women get boudoir photos done?
ANYBODY. and ANY BODY. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are welcome. Seriously. Don’t wait to shed those last 15 pounds. You are beautiful now and you should embrace and celebrate yourself. Maybe 1% of the population have supermodel figures, so we are need a little assistance in posing and finding flattering angles. That’s where we can help! You don’t have to be a Barbie Doll to have sexy photos. Did I mention, it’s a prerequisite to be female? Sorry guys – no dudoir shoots here. Oh, and please be 18 and older.

3. Do I have to get naked?
Absolutely not. Boudoir photography celebrates beauty and sexiness, which mostly comes from inner confidence. I encourage all my clients to work within their own comfort level. And boudoir photography can range from glamour headshots, sexy-come-hither glances in your favorite outfit, Victoria secret inspired lingerie looks up to full nudity. During our consultation, we will discuss with you what your best assets are and  what you’d like to highlight and disguise areas you’re self conscious about.

4. Do you retouch?
The answer is yes. Light retouching will be done on all images presented to you during your purchasing session. But only purchased images will go through magazine-style retouching. I generally like only to enhance my subject’s features, without altering their true likeness. I want my eyes to see you the way you see yourself.  I do accept special requests for problem areas, nipping and tucking where needed. But my end objective will always be to present you with the best version of you – *not* Salma Hayek or Angelina Jolie.

5. Will you use my photos on the Internet?
Due to the sensitive nature of the images, I will never use anyone’s images without their explicit consent in writing. We only use professional laboratories which are bound by law not to replicate your images for any use.

Remember, boudoir photos have no boundaries. They can be fun and flirty, cute and naughty, sensual and alluring. But at the core of the matter – it’s just a fun way to celebrate being a woman. There’s no better time than the present to capture who you are NOW. Believe me, when you’re 70 and see your photos – you’re gonna think you’re hot. No regrets in hindsight.

Here’s a sample album layout from an outdoor boudoir session I had recently. Do take note that there is some nudity in this album set. So please proceed with caution.

And enjoy! If you are inspired and would like to take the plunge, email me at info@photograffiti net or call me at 510-6762725 to book your slot in The Boudoir Experience, happening at a posh San Francisco Hotel from December 3-4, 2011.  I hope to see you soon!






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