Elsa's Maternity Portraits One Day before the D-Day

So I got a call from my dentist’s secretary telling me that my dentist has been desperately trying to reach me. Uh oh. They caught me — I was late for my 6 month cleaning again. “Oh no,” the secretary assures me, “it’s nothing like that. Elsa is giving birth by C-section this week and needs maternity portraits tomorrow.” Oh my, well yes… of course, I’d like to take her photos as timing was crucial. So despite the early morning call time the next day and very little sleep, Elsa appeared before the camera looking calm and gorgeous and yes, ready to pop. She tells me that she doesn’t plan on having any more babies and wanted this time immortalized forever. I was glad to oblige her.  An added bonus was 2 year old cutie-pa-tootie daughter Grace, who joined in for a few portraits. The next day, I get a call from Elsa saying she gave birth to healthy baby boy whom they named Jo. Gotta love happy endings, and even happier beginnings. Let the sleepless nights begin.

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