Dipping my toes into Photo Fusion.

A couple of years back, the buzzword in the photography scene was “Photo Fusion.” Since all the new DSLR cameras were coming out with video functions, photographers had been trying to jump on this bandwagon of merging photography and video. It was being called Photo Fusion, I suppose out of the desire to market it as something new. But in hindsight, a rose smells just as sweet by any other name. Photo Fusion, simply put, is the art of mixing in video clips with photography to create a multimedia piece. There are different variations to this idea: some artists string together the photos in a stop-motion sequence to create the illusion of motion. Other photographers may add audio to their sequence of photos, to enhance the viewing experience. It’s all put together with video editing software such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or iMovie.

The possibilities are endless.

Anyhoo. I am rather late to adopt to new technology. Despite my attraction to bright shiny new toys, I am conservative in my purchase of camera equipment and haven’t had the desire to upgrade my camera. I simply haven’t had the need to. My Nikon D700 has been my workhorse and has performed perfectly. But recent developments left me without a backup , and I decided to invest in a Nikon D800. And good lord, I LOVE this camera. Before I get into 1001 reasons why this is an amazing camera, the video function just simply blows me away. I’ve been shooting more video clips than ever.  I am piss-in-my-pants excited to begin exploration and push this baby to the limits. I’ve begun experimenting and here is my first ever Beloved session fusion slideshow. A little known fact about me is that I used to work in children’s television back in the 90s. And despite my educatio and work experience, I feel somewhat green at this at video production.  During my time, we shot on Betacam and edited on bulky U-Matic machines. Darn, I hope I’m not dating myself.   This relearning process has been so much fun.

I do hope you enjoy my first foray in the wonderful world of photo-fusion! Expect more from me in the future.



Photography and Video taken at Sutro Baths, San Francisco, with my beautiful July couple – Rita and Carson.




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