Didar + Pedram | Monterey Engagement Shoot

undefined It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. My hubby packed the two kids, beach gear and my camera equipment into the back of our beat-up mini van to head over to Monterey, CA where I was set to meet my February couple, Pedram and Didar. I jokingly refer to Sundays as “family day” – as a photogapher, it meant spending time with OTHER people’s family. So, in an effort to show support for my work,  my family lounged on the beach while I trudged over the rocks and sand. Not that I’m complaining!

It was a strange day for winter – sunny with a slight breeze. It was the kind of day you could only hope for in the middle of winter and had an engagement shoot! I met my beautiful couple back in Feburary at a bridal fair and they instantly felt like old friends.  I couldn’t help notice how much Pedram and Didar were in many ways opposites, yet their synergy was undeniable. She graciously agreed to snap a few photos with the bicycles (his idea), and he didn’t mind carrying her (her idea), and they both agreed to snuggle in close for the camera (my idea). It was just one of those perfect photo shoots, where I felt comfortable playing voyeur and seeing their love flow in front of  my camera. With very little direction, the moments unfolded. I just had to wait for the decisive moment and press the shutter when the time was right.

Here are my some of my favorites from the day.

Didar & Pedram, can’t wait to cover your wedding in Feburary!

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined Hair and Make-up: Armando Sarabia of Get Your Do Up!

Venue: Lovers Point Park, Pacific Grove, CA

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