Cristina + Kiel | North Beach San Francisco Beloved Engagement Shoot

Sometimes, I compare finding brides and grooms to dating. There is a certain amount of courtship that follows the first impression (my website), then initial point of contact (first phone call) and then the flirting (bridal consultation), the first date (the engagement session) and dare I say it…the wedding day is going all the way!

So, I was admittedly extremely nervous about meeting Cristina and Kiel for the first time for this beloved engagement shoot. Our first communication was via email, followed by a series of fun phone calls, and more emails. They were from L.A., Cristina was originally from the Bay Area and they found me through the preferred vendor list of the Sir Francis Drake hotel.

Working with Cristina and Kiel was like a long-distance courtship! There was a definitely an element of surprise and anxiety, but it was totally worth the extra effort. Getting to know them was my favorite part of the day. Somewhat reserved and collected, Kiel is an extremely talented character animator. Cristina is a bubbly and warm interior designer, who dabbles in many creative pursuits. They were totally in sync with each other, shared the same snarky humor and easygoing manner. My early awkwardness was replaced by the warm fuzzies by the end of the shoot.  I love that feeling when new friends feel like old ones.
Here are my absolute favorite images from their pictorial. And below, click on the slideshow for more!

2 Comments Cristina + Kiel | North Beach San Francisco Beloved Engagement Shoot

  1. KEL February 22, 2012 at 12:31 am

    Personally I never liked Engagement Shoots coz the pictures usually feel contrived and very ‘set-up.’ I really love how you’re able to put your subjects at ease thus capturing images that feel so natural. It feels like they were just out on a date and you happened to be there to take their photos. Great Job as ALWAYS! 😉

  2. admin February 22, 2012 at 8:26 am

    Thanks for the feedback Kel! That’s exactly the look I aim for. I tell my couples to think about e-sessions as dates, with me as a third wheel! It’s the same way I want family portraits to feel like a regular day hanging out at home, with me in the background.


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