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Bellies and Babies with Sandy Puc

Master photographer Sandy Puc was in San Francisco to give a seminar entitled “Bellies & Babies 2008,” as part of a 30-city tour. I’ve heard and read so much about her in the photography circles and publications, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hear her speak. And since I had missed WPPI this year… Read More

Ed Pierce: Captivated by the Light Seminar

I just got back from the Captivated by the Light San Jose seminar today. And while it didn’t blow me away, it was okey. The “workshop” was given by 33 year photography veteran Ed Pierce. Over a course of three hours, he gave short mini-lectures, interspersed with several short video presentations illustrating the topics discussed…. Read More

A Taxing Day

I really hate dealing with money matters except when I’m receiving a check or spending it at B&H. But being in photography business, I realized that you can’t separate the lines between wedding photography as a business and a service. So in line with being a registered business owner (pat back, pat pat), I decided… Read More

Meeting Matthew Jordan Smith

I’m just fresh off attending two great days at the Golden Gate School of Photography, held at Mills College in Oakland. I studied under one of America’s top portrait photographers Matthew Jordan Smith for his course entitled: “Turning Passion Into Profit: Contemporary Portraits”. I had first read about Matthew Jordan Smith in a Photography magazine… Read More

4/4 Nights with Jules Bianchi

Los Angeles based photographer Jules Bianchi’s vibe is unbelievably infectious. Knowing her makes you want to be her. Jules is practically defined by her mile-a-minute monologues, her spunky fashion style, and talented eye for great images. I first stumbled upon her blog five months back in the Open Source Photography forum and immediately was drawn… Read More

3/4 Nights with Jennifer Skog

Another inspiring night with another inspiring photographer: Walnut Creek based Jennifer Skog. And that’s Skog, as in rhymes with Vogue. It amazes me how many more women are getting the respect and credit in the photography industry. Jennifer was one of those women who just made you thankful for being a girl. Feminist wiles set… Read More

2/4 Nights with Anna Kupenburg

The second installment in the PPGBA’s 4 Night series featured Anna Kupenburg. A truely talented artist. Instead of focusing on the usual workshop/talk, she turned the tables and made us work. With a camera in hand, we set off to shoot anything and everything in the Potrero neighborhood where the talk was hosted. The handful… Read More

1/4 Nights with Ann Hamilton

It’s so important to network with other photographers and continue the educational process throughout your career. There’s always someone new to meet, something new to learn and new techniques to master. That’s why I love my educational opportunities with PPGBA. I meet great local photographers who have so much to share, and generously so. When… Read More

What You Learn in Las Vegas…

  …stays in Las Vegas? I certainly hope not! After attending 5 platform speaker lectures and three master classes at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention, we at Photograffiti are refreshed and ready to create even more beautiful images! As a fairly new business in the U.S (on the 2nd year in the Bay… Read More