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Spot the Difference!

As a kid, I remember being obsessed with Spot the Difference games, published in the cartoon section of the Sunday newspaper. Yes, I was already pretty detail obsessed as a kid, and it helped develop eagle eyes which serve me well in my current career. Today, I created  my own version of Spot the Difference… Read More

Thoughts, post WPPI 2011

I have been dragging my butt writing a new blogpost, while still basking in the post-WPPI glow that one gets after a week-long immersion in everything photography. After this yearly sabbatical, I had to jump right into work and catch up on editing, scheduling shoots, taxes (ugh) and relearning my children’s names (joke). But finally, here… Read More

Exploring Jesh de Rox's Manly Tingles

A normal person would name the blog post – A Beloved Platform Talk with Jesh de Rox, but hey – who said I’m normal?  I’m glad to have caught your attention. The name Jesh de Rox to me instantly evokes thoughts of touchy-feely-artsy-fartsy talk. People who have seen him speak have urged me time and… Read More

Sandy Puc' Family Tour 2010

I have been a faithful puppy dog to Sandy’s photography workshop series, having attended both the Babies & Bellies in 08 and Tots to Teens tours in 09. This year, the master photographer embarks on her national tour again, enticing us into the wonderful world of families portraiture. I was so there. Now, I have… Read More

Mamarazzi Workshop

I was recently invited by my friend Rathna to speak about photography for our Mothers Meetup group. I thought it was a great opportunity to bond with moms and teach them how to get the most of out of digital cameras. We coined the workshop, the “Mamarazzi Photography Workshop.” Catchy, isn’t it? I can’t take… Read More