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Wong Family

The pressure is always on when it comes to photographing a fellow photographer! I put my insecurities aside when tasked with photographing my good friend Kinsley Wong. I totally empathized with his frustration that he was never in any family photos. Well, I hope I did not disappoint. Here he is with his lovely wife… Read More

Mini-Sessions at Kolb Park

After about a bout of what felt like fall weather, the sun made a reappearance this week with a vengeance! But all’s good as we headed outdoors for another round of mini-sessions at the park. This time we ventured to Kolb park in Dublin for an energy-filled morning of pictorials with and Masters and Mistresses… Read More

April the Aspiring Model

Aspiring model April came to my home-studio with a big grin on her face, ready and raring to face the camera. And boy did this two year old toddler give me a work-out! We ran from end to end of the garden and in-and-out of the house at top speed. Fortunately, she rewarded me with… Read More

2 Kids and an iPhone

I’m always amazed at how intuitive kids are these days with all things hi-tech. Here are siblings 3 year old Ella and almost 7 year old Julz with the new favorite toy, the 3G iPhone. Since I have been shooting these kids since they were in diapers, they pretty much treated me like furniture. And… Read More

Double Trouble, Double Adorable

I’ll always remember twins Mak and Brett so warmly because they were my first clients ever, when I arrived in the Bay Area last year starting my business. So you could say they were my lucky break. I had been shooting professionally in the Philippines for 3 years prior but starting up a business in… Read More

Audrey & Jack

Two gorgeous children on a Sunday morning! Is there a better way to spend your time? Just check out 2 year old Audrey and 5 year Jack. Audrey was more reserved in front of the camera while Jack just plunged right into frame with gusto. I hope I did justice to these beautiful children and… Read More

Francesca Pre-Debut Photos

Debutantes are always great to photograph – great skin, coupled with a fun attitude, and the beauty of youth. Francesca aka ‘Ska’ is no exception. I will be shooting her 18th birthday party in two weeks time, and we decided to have a mini-pictorial at her house. We only had about 20 minutes of shooting… Read More