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My friend Minh

The summer just flew by and my poor blog has been neglected once again. I’ve been writing a post in my head, assembling the “Best of Summer 2011” images but for now, that’s all it is. Just in my head. In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about mothering, friendships and my dear friend… Read More

Insanely Cute Twin Girls

This is my second time to photograph twins I and S and I swear, they keep getting cuter every time I see them. We headed to Joaquin Miller Park for their annual family pictorial and the girls were absolutely curious about everything – wanting to inspect every fountain, tree and staircase. In between their explorations,… Read More

Seeing Double

OMG! Such pretty  four year old twin girls were the focus of my attention (and my camera) one fine morning in Palo Alto. Now one may ask how does a photographer handle two active and fast little subjects? The answer is to be fast and active too!  I. and S. definitely kept me on my… Read More

Behind the Scenes

Or perhaps this post should be entitled “aka My backside.” As a stereotypical photographer, I am rarely in photos. It’s not that I am shy to be in front of the camera. It’s just there aren’t a lot of opportunities.  So one big question I’ve had (and perhaps a bit narcissistic of me) is “What… Read More