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Tuan and Daisy tie the knot!

Daisy and Tuan tied the knot amidst a collective sigh of relief from friends and relatives, after being together for what seems like ages. They had one of those “it’s about time!” weddings. So what else can you expect but a seamless, perfect day where everything fell into place? The ceremony was touching. I was… Read More

Tricia and Baby #2

Tricia and her daughter Addy are members of the same momsgroup/playgroup I belong to.  Since most of the kids are approaching their two year old mark, it’s only natural that a lot of the moms are expecting baby #2. And the cycle begins once more! I was so pleased and honored to be asked to… Read More

Baby Hazel @ 12 Days

Remember the Toombs family? They welcomed the latest addition to their family – baby girl Hazel, born 8 lbs and 8 ozs. Three year old Ruby loved being a big sister and was totally doting on the new baby. Congratulations to Danielle and Michael and thank you once again for allowing me to capture these… Read More

Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy + Nathan

Sunshine! Happiness! Smiles abound! These three words (okey, four) best describe the vibe surrounding Nathan & Joy’s May 30 wedding. From the get-go, both bride and groom were incredibly calm and chill. This laidback attitude made for such a beautiful and relaxing fun day.  And as the celebration unfolded, the couple went around with a… Read More

Bambam @ Gamble Gardens

What a great way to kick off Spring! A gorgeous family, Roseanne, Dennis and Bambam joined me at Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto for their family pictorial session. Little Bambam was such a trooper! He looked much bigger than his 15 months – and wasn’t shy to show off his big smile. Here are some… Read More

Corinne's Having a Baby!

There’s something so special about maternity sessions that totally humbles me. Just last night, I was watching “In the Motherhood” and one of the characters was asking what makes the pregnant woman so special. Why does carrying a life make you want to give them free stuff, and treat them like godesses? Is it their… Read More

Liz and Pat @ San Francisco City Hall

Election Day Wedding! November 4 2008 may have marked the day we elected the first African-American President, (Yay Obama!) but another important event went down that day.  After hitting the polls in the morning,  two beautiful women Liz and Pat headed to the San Francisco City Hall to tie the knot. When they asked me… Read More