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Back with a vengeance.

And I am a blogger, once again. Welcome to the new and improved website and blog! It’s been nearly two years since my last blog entry and about 8 years since I updated my photography website.  The changes were long overdue. Yes, change seems to be the theme of it all. I believe my work… Read More

Passport Photos

I was sorting through my archives and found this early attempt of shooting my son’s passport photos when he was three years old. It was a real challenge but I finally got a decent photo for his passport. Top left: no smile, eyes open and looking at camera, both ears straight on. Whew!!

Lori & Nathan: One Ring to Bind Us

FADE IN MUSIC: “Reminiscing” by the Little River Band. I am currently going through my archives of photos because I’m in the process of revamping my website and need new/old material. It’s often humbling (and sometimes, comical!) to see my work from 6 years back and see how much my style has changed and developed…. Read More