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Featured in “Greater Good Magazine”

  I’m so honored and flattered my photos are featured in an article about AWE and BEAUTY, on the UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center website. I’ve enjoyed adding photos to my pandemic diary, without really thinking about the therapeutic properties it has had on my soul. And now, I know the scientific basis why!… Read More

Back with a vengeance.

And I am a blogger, once again. Welcome to the new and improved website and blog! It’s been nearly two years since my last blog entry and about 8 years since I updated my photography website.  The changes were long overdue. Yes, change seems to be the theme of it all. I believe my work… Read More

The fans demand it.

Fans? What fans? Okey…a few friends have asked me to post the image that won in the Lovelife photo competition held at the California Academy of Science last Feburary. It’s already on my little known flickr page AND my facebook page  but I decided to cross-post it here as well to satisfy any further curiosity…. Read More

Crown and Crumpet Tea Salon

Time for tea? As a staunch coffee drinker, I met the idea of a tea party with some skepticism. The evite came from a friend in my mom’s group some months ago, with the tongue-in-cheek instructions to wear white gloves and a spring dress. Panic rose within me — my pinky finger was out of… Read More

Sandy Puc' Family Tour 2010

I have been a faithful puppy dog to Sandy’s photography workshop series, having attended both the Babies & Bellies in 08 and Tots to Teens tours in 09. This year, the master photographer embarks on her national tour again, enticing us into the wonderful world of families portraiture. I was so there. Now, I have… Read More

I Heart Finao

I just wanted to share some new photos from the album company I am currently using: Finao. I received my latest order of client albums and was seduced by all the pretty colors of their animal friendly leathers, nappy suedes and brocades – that I just had to take some photos. And just check out… Read More

I'm Certified! Yay me.

I’ve always been a little insecure about my photography. I like my work and I know my clients like my images too (otherwise they would not hire me) but I’ve always felt this void where I felt I should have a photography degree. Growing up, I was always into the arts and was constantly drawing… Read More

Just launched: The Modern Balikbayan Bride

A great resource for Filipina brides has come onto the market in the form of the fresh-off-the-presses coffee table book: The Modern Balikbayan Bride by Kaye Cloutman.  I was honored and happy to contribute an image which landed on the cover! “Balikbayan” literally translates as return-country. This implies that the Filipina bride will return to… Read More