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Featured in “Greater Good Magazine”

  I’m so honored and flattered my photos are featured in an article about AWE and BEAUTY, on the UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center website. I’ve enjoyed adding photos to my pandemic diary, without really thinking about the therapeutic properties it has had on my soul. And now, I know the scientific basis why!… Read More

Spot the Difference!

As a kid, I remember being obsessed with Spot the Difference games, published in the cartoon section of the Sunday newspaper. Yes, I was already pretty detail obsessed as a kid, and it helped develop eagle eyes which serve me well in my current career. Today, I created  my own version of Spot the Difference… Read More


I loved Marceline the moment I lay eyes on her. Such a cool chick, so I decided to be her for Halloween. I’m pretty sure I would’ve pulled this off if I was 20 pounds lighter, 5 inches taller and 5 shades of bluer – but hey, all in the spirit of fun! Happy Halloween,… Read More

Image of the Day: Tuxedo Baby

For the past week, I have sifting through five years of my photo archives. I am exhausted but excited to unveil my new website in a few days! Woo hoo. In the meantime, I found this image I totally forgotten that I’d taken. The photograph was taken at a wedding at Villa Vizcaya in Watsonville,… Read More

Tribute to my Mom

Project for Multimedia Storytelling Class at UC Berkeley Extension under Elizabeth Lim Happy Mother’s Day to all the sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, hard-working superwomen of the world. Especially my own mother, who raised us four kids singlehandedly. Such a beautiful person – inside and out. I love you, Mom. xoxo Auey