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Martin Munkasci: Think While You Shoot

Whether you are a professional, amateur photographer or a photography enthusiast, I highly suggest you visit the Martin Munkacsi exhibit now featured at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It runs until September 16, 2007. If you are a sports or event photographer, you will marvel at Munkacsi’s mastery of the decisive moment. If… Read More


I just spent an awesome Sunday afternoon, checking out the Richard Avedon exhibit at the Cantor Arts Center in Stanford. Avedon’s reputation as a photographer precedes him. His work is groundbreaking and innovative. What Robert Kappa is to photojournalism, Helmut Newton to fashion photography, that’s what Richard Avedon is to editorial portrait photography. At least… Read More

What You Learn in Las Vegas…

  …stays in Las Vegas? I certainly hope not! After attending 5 platform speaker lectures and three master classes at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention, we at Photograffiti are refreshed and ready to create even more beautiful images! As a fairly new business in the U.S (on the 2nd year in the Bay… Read More

Burt Monroy at PPGBA

As soon as I got back from my PPGBA meeting this evening, I happily googled Bert Monroy, the guy who honored us with his presence. It’s usual for PPGBA to have awesome speakers at our monthly meetings, but Monroy was different. He wasn’t a photographer, but in fact an artist who specialized in using Photoshop… Read More

Apple Pro Seminar: David Hume Kennerly

My friend Horace and I attended a free seminar at the Apple store today, featuring Pulitzer prize winning photographer David Hume Kennerly. While it was nothing more than a commentary and portfolio slide show, I still enjoyed the mini seminar. He took the famous resignation shot of former President Nixon. However, I did wish for… Read More