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All I Want for Xmas

Curious about what’s on my Christmas wishlist? Here it is! I realized I’m such a geek and there’s nothing I want that ISN’T photo-related. The Nikon D300 and the Fuji S5 rate high on my lustwish but since I’m probably going to do some new equipment acquistions next year, I didn’t include them here. I’ll… Read More

Fuji Finepix E900

For the past six months, I have been on the market for a good point-and-shoot camera which I can stash in my purse for everyday situations. Bringing along any of my three digital SLRs just proves to be too cumbersome and bulky for daily use. I needed something handy and quick for those gone-in-a-flash-an-eyebat moments… Read More

My New Tamrac Bag

Hopefully…the endorsement offers will start pouring in! I was so happy to receive my new Tamrac Big Wheels Rolling Strongbox 692 from the UPS guy today. I had been needing a new camera bag to fit all my gear since my needs had outgrown my Lowepro Commercial All Weather Bag, which is now being sold… Read More