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The fans demand it.

Fans? What fans? Okey…a few friends have asked me to post the image that won in the Lovelife photo competition held at the California Academy of Science last Feburary. It’s already on my little known flickr page AND my facebook page  but I decided to cross-post it here as well to satisfy any further curiosity…. Read More

Wedding Album Design: Michael and Rachel

I just wanted to share our latest album design for Rachel and Michael, who got married in Boracay Island, Philippines last December. The album is a bit of a departure from the usual album design we do. What makes it special is that the floral embellishments were designed by the groom’s super talented artist-brother, who… Read More

Sample Album Designs

It’s about time that I uploaded some sample album layouts I’ve done in the past for clients. Ever since I started offering Lifebooks (customized albums) and Artbooks (pretty proof books), they’ve grown in popularity over wall enlargements. Here’s a family portrait session I did at Gamble Gardens last year. Immediately after it, is the wedding… Read More

My First Kiss

…Wedding book that is. I got big news for my 2008 brides. I am now adding simply bee-you-tee-ful handmade pure Italian leather albums from a homegrown company called KISS to my album offerings. Available in five funky colors, the leather is extremely supple and soft. The sample below is in Redlight Red. Isn’t it yummy… Read More