Burt Monroy at PPGBA

As soon as I got back from my PPGBA meeting this evening, I happily googled Bert Monroy, the guy who honored us with his presence. It’s usual for PPGBA to have awesome speakers at our monthly meetings, but Monroy was different. He wasn’t a photographer, but in fact an artist who specialized in using Photoshop to simulate images that looked like photographs. While Monroy mentioned people called his work “Photorealism,” he doesn’t like that label. But how else would you describe the art he produces (like the one above, grabbed from his website www.bertmonroy.com). It takes a super keen eye to not mistake this art for a photograph. His job is to make “photograph” renditions of things or scenes that don’t exist. This guy is pioneer. Imagine telling the people at Pixar and ILM how to do their job! Do check out his website, and if you have a couple of thousands dollars to spare, buy one of his prints. They are wonderful works of art.


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