Bringing out the sweet and seductive | The Boudoir Experience by Auey Santos


Yes, sweet and seductive are not mutually exclusive terms. Whenever I do a boudoir shoot, my main objective is to bring out your natural personality and then some.  Who knows what lurks beneath the surface? This particular photo shoot was a lot of fun to do. I’ve know the client (let’s call her Lucy) for quite a bit, so it was wonderful to be have a natural rapport. However, there’s always a little bit of transition when going from shooting a friend/colleague, to shooting a potential sex goddess. I love the process of “seeing” my client in a new light – unwrapping layers and revealing new facets of their personality. It’s always a thing of beauty to see someone let go and let their real beauty shine in an image. I am always grateful for being allowed as a witness to that process.

Lucy, thank you for allowing me to share these photos!

Some advice I have for prospective boudoir clients:

1. Be yourself.

2. Laugh a lot.

3. It’s okey to be awkward, or geeky or shy.

4. If you feel comfortable, you will look good. If you feel uncomfortable, it will show in the photos.

5. Relax and have fun!

**6. Fake eyelashes always look great.

Special thanks going out to Vanity Pham. You did a stellar job!




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