Beloved Photography by Auey. No gimmicks.


I am mighty excited to share this with you. I had been waiting for the right time and the right moment to launch this new offering properly. But I figure to hell with it. No gimmicks, no plans, no fancy schmancy newsletter. I just want to get right out there and say that this is photography I believe in. A few years ago, I attended a WPPI platform talk that changed my life. You could say I always felt slightly guilty about being a wedding photographer. So much money, so much fuss – over one day, the wedding day. Don’t get me wrong – I love my job. I realize my role in the wedding and it’s a vital one at that, preserving memories for a lifetime.

But the cynic in me always asks about the “…happily after ever.” What happens after my giddy bride and groom ride off into the sunset? What about photography for couples who have been married a couple of years, when the rose-colored glasses are now off?

Enter Beloved Photography, the brainchild of Canadian Photographer Jesh de Rox. I was proud to be part of the first Beloved Collective last year in Los Angeles. Over 200 photographers from around the world gathered to brainstorm, share ideas and explore new techniques and strategies on how to bring Beloved into the forefront of portraiture photography.

Can there be such a thing – photography that can actually help strengthen your relationship? And make you look darn good too? YES.

So for the entire month of February, I am offering Beloved Sessions at a special introductory price of $350. I believe in it so much, that I just want everybody to have the experience of Beloved. This is powerful stuff. Big things are in store and I want you all to be there at the beginning. Now who’s willing to take the plunge?


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