Andy Warhol + The Factory | Infusion Lounge

The wedding industry’s top vendors took pause from the busy wedding season to attend a networking party at the Infusion Lounge last August 8. Put together by the Jutta Lammerts of A Day Like No Other, the party was a tribute to art icon Andy Warhol whose birthday was celebrated on August 6. So out came the models, decors and food all themed around the swinging 60s.

My favorite part of the day was a little fashion showcase we photographed before the party. Those go go boots were made for walking, so we did just that! Crowds stared as I went around the city with a few models in their 60s best. Add a bright red 1965 Ford Mustang and we definitely stopped traffic. Here are some of my favourites from the day.

Our 60s beauties Maria, Brittany and Ryann pose for the camera.  I love the nude lipstick, smokey eyes and false eyelashes, all courtesy of Belle by Marine. Belle did a fabulous job.

We visited our favorite smiling beefeater at Sir Francis Drake Hotel. He posed for us, without hesitation.
Our Andy Warhol lookalike stumbles upon Marilyn Monroe. A photo is definitely warranted!

I love the light-up pillars and  interiors of Infusion Lounge. The interiors were made extra special and the 60s experience even more believable, with the art installation by Marilee Talkington of Metamorpha Design, and a wall projection by Michael Loeb Photography. Definitely funkalicious. Yes, I  made that word up just now.

Gerberas and daisies in colourful water glasses, provided by the beautiful Orna Maymon of Ornamento.

Gwen of Gwen Connolly Designs custom designed the poster and all other graphic elements for the event.

Guests were treated to the signature cocktail of the evening, dubbed “The Triple Andy.” It was a magic mix of Triple 9 Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Cranberry Juice and Redbull. Bring. It. Thanks, Nate!

Jerry of Portable Party DJ  provided the music and karaoke machine for the evening.

He’s one smart cookie! That’s Ray Richmond of Smartest Cookies, provider of our awesome customized Andy Warhol fortune cookies. My fortune: “I like boring things.” Dead-on accurate! 

And here I am in full silly sexiness (or sexy silliness?), channeling my inner model/gogo girl. I definitely was born in the wrong decade! Thanks Josh for snapping this!


Thanks for the fun evening! xo Auey


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