Less Facebook, More Blogging


One of my new year’s goals was to blog to more often. And to blog about personal stuff, and silly stuff, and random stuff – not just pretty pictures of clients and weddings I do.  I am going to go out on a limb here and say that somewhere along the way from becoming a “professional” photographer in all sense of the word, I had lost my way. Around 2009, I made a conscious decision to “keep things separated” and stop posting personal things on my business blog. Well duh. That’s just common sense, right? But,  I forgot that the one thing I LOVE about photograhy is the chance it provides me  to connect with  people. Often times, making that first connection is always the hardest. Someone has to take the first step to say “hi”, the other has to reciprocate with a interesting topic opener and MAYBE, just MAYBE…two random people can make that electric vibe, and connect. And I believe, that that connection is the crucial element in getting the honest-to-god true-essense portrait of a person.


Before I go off a major tangent, I have decided to write more meaningful blog posts so that when clients or friends meet up with me, you’ve already had the first topic opener via these crazy insane posts on my blog.

Are you excited as I am about this? Yay. Let’s go!

xo Auey

BTW, Do you like my new blog masthead? Designed it myself!

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