4/4 Nights with Jules Bianchi

Los Angeles based photographer Jules Bianchi’s vibe is unbelievably infectious. Knowing her makes you want to be her. Jules is practically defined by her mile-a-minute monologues, her spunky fashion style, and talented eye for great images. I first stumbled upon her blog five months back in the Open Source Photography forum and immediately was drawn to her plaid background and cutesy logo. So I was pretty psyched at hearing her speak the PPGBA sponsored 4 Nights. She shared everything from marketing secrets, work flow, inspirational techniques. It was awesome night of learning and getting inspired. Check out her blog, she’s the cutest photographer with some serious talent. You just want to shrink her and bring her home in your pocket!

And that concluded the PPGBA’s 4 Nights. Money well spent for tons of inspiration.

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  1. Joy Bianchi Brown September 26, 2007 at 4:56 am

    Hey Auey!! So fun to find your blog and find a little blurb about jules! and it was great to see you at the PPGBA talk last week too!


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