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{life as an artform} Las Vegas 2011

Eight people. Three days. One magic hotel room. *sigh* Words can simply not describe the incredible energy and love that I will take away from attending {life as an artform} workshop with Jesh de Rox. Not an ordinary photography workshop, I was told…but never did I expect the internal metamorphasis that would take place. And… Read More

My First Bridal Faire! | March 13 @ The Palace Hotel

I am simply a sample-buying-album designing freak these days, in preparation for my first bridal faire, Modern Bridal happening on March 13 at the stunning Palace Hotel in downtown San Francisco. It’s going to be a great event, featuring the top wedding vendors and plenty of inspiration for the bride-to-be.   If you are still shopping… Read More

My 30-day Bikram Yoga Challenge | East Bay CA Yoga

Alternative titles for this post included “Yog-yogan-na” (my fellow Pinoys would get this) or “Kicking Ass-anas” (credit due  to my friend Oren). But I decided to keep it simple. I figure that the more hits this post gets because of the title will only help spread my not-so-new found love for the century old practice… Read More

Less Facebook, More Blogging

So. One of my new year’s goals was to blog to more often. And to blog about personal stuff, and silly stuff, and random stuff – not just pretty pictures of clients and weddings I do.  I am going to go out on a limb here and say that somewhere along the way from becoming… Read More